About Assistance On Call, Inc.


Colorado’s LEADER in Dental Employment.









 After being employed in a dental office from 1974–1983 and experiencing the inconsistencies and problems in the workplace, Barb Sumner, Founder and CEO of Assistance On Call, Inc. (AOC), envisioned a better way.  Barb set out to change Colorado’s dental staffing industry on both sides of the equation, from the doctor’s point of view AND through the eyes of the employee.  Assistance on Call, Inc. (AOC) was established in 1983 and has remained Colorado’s premier dental staffing company.

AOC’s inception took place in a 700 square foot home in south Denver.  A picnic table represented the office “desk” and a rotary dial phone was Barb’s main method of communication.  The only other technology AOC used, at that time, consisted of a reel-to-reel answering machine, a manual typewriter, and a radio shack entry level computer with a cassette tape backup.  The infancy stage of building a business is never easy, and those lean times lasted 10 years.

With persistence and dedication throughout the years, AOC has become the definitive leader in the dental staffing industry.  Assistance On Call, Inc. now boasts a one-of-a-kind proprietary scheduling software system (designed by Barb), a complete system of networked computers, a state-of-the-art phone system as well as an integrated website.  AOC, temporary and temp-to-perm dental staffing company, is currently located in a beautiful, highly efficient office in Lakewood, Colorado. With 34 years of experience, 24 hour service, and continuous monitoring of the needs of the dental community, we look forward to assisting you with all of your dental staffing needs.

AOC is steeped in Barb’s high ethical standards and constant emphasis on exceptional morals and values.  As far as Barb is concerned, this is the only way to conduct business – with integrity and respectability.  AOC refuses to compromise on the quality of the service it provides.  Thank you for trusting Assistance On Call, Inc. (AOC), the leading temporary and temp-to-perm staffing company in Colorado …. since 1983.