Dental Business Assistant Jobs

Searching For A Dental Business Assistant Job?

Are you searching for an incredible dental business assistant job? Do you feel that you are being undervalued? Assistance On Call, Inc. is your bridge to finding the dental employment opportunity you have been waiting for. Matching highly qualified dental business assistants with private dental practices is what AOC has been doing for over three decades. Assistance On Call, Inc. is Colorado’s leader in the dental employment field.

Looking for a job as dental business assistant can be exhausting. What is one of the principle components of a thriving dental practice? Superior front desk personnel. AOC’s clients (the dental offices) realize this. They know the value of good, qualified, and experienced front desk people.

Are you a dental business assistant with great experience? Do you have a great personality? Are you looking to take the next step in finding a better job? If so, then AOC wants to help you. Phone us today at (303) 989-8011 and lets discuss your future as a dental business assistant.



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• WORK WITH THE LEADER IN THE INDUSTRY:  Over three decades in world of dental staffing.

• SPECIAL PRIVATE JOB LISTINGS: Almost all of the dental business assistant jobs listed with AOC are only listed with AOC. You will only find them here.

• COMPLETE DISCRETION: Your job searches with AOC are ALWAYS private.

• NEVER A COST TO YOU: Our fee is paid by the dental offices, not by you.

 WHATEVER WORKS BEST: Part-time and full-time jobs are available. You decide which is better for you.

• GREAT SCHEDULING OPTIONS: Do you have a special scheduling need? AOC can help.

• PIECE OF MIND: The appropriate insurance is always carried on all of AOC’s employees.

• NO-WORRY COMPENSATION: Your compensation comes from AOC, not the dental office. You never have to worry about the financial situation of the place you are working at.



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