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Looking for an Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Position?

Discovering a well paying EDDA position is not as easy as you may think.  An EDDA with exceptional experience is a major asset to a successful dental practice.  AOC’s clients are aware of this fact, too.  Our doctors expect us to bring them knowledgeable, accomplished EDDAs.

If you are browsing this site, you are an EDDA who is looking for a better employment opportunity.  Consider AOC as an asset in helping you secure a fantastic EDDA position.  For more than three decades, AOC has been matching outstanding dental practices with well-qualified EDDA personnel.

AOC is Colorado’s premier dental staffing company that has one focus only — the Colorado dental industry. Are you an experienced EDDA looking for a rewarding position and favorable compensation in the dental profession?

Please call us today at 303-989-8011 for more information. We look forward to partnering with you!




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 JOB PREFERENCE: What works best for you? A full 40-hour week or partial week?

• PROPRIETARY WORK OFFERS: Most of our dental EDDA listings can’t be found on other sites.

• WORK CONVENIENT HOURS: Work the hours that work for you. PT/FT – Perm or Temp.

• NO PAYDAY STRESS: AOC takes the worry out of getting paid, because we pay every temporary employee directly.

• YOUR SEARCHES ARE HELD IN CONFIDENCE: If you are currently working but seeking a better opportunity, AOC understands this. Your inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

• THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE TO YOU: EDDA job seekers do not pay us; the dental offices take care of the financial obligation to AOC.

• SAFETY: Every single temporary EDDA is protected with workers’ comp/unemployment coverage.

• AUTHORITY AND CREDIBILITY:  We have been helping EDDAs for three decades. No other Denver dental staffing company can claim this.



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