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Looking for a Dental EDDA Jobs?

Finding a great paying dental EDDA job is tougher than it sounds. A dental EDDA with real-world experience is a major asset to a profitable dental practice. AOC’s dental clients are aware of this fact too. Our dentists look to us to bring them an office ‘ally’, not just a worker.

If you have come to this site, you’re an EDDA who is looking for a better opportunity. Think of Assistance On Call, Inc. (or AOC for short) as an asset in helping you secure a fantastic dental EDDA job. For over three decades, AOC has been matching thriving dental practices with extraordinary dental EDDA personnel. AOC is a dental employment agency that handles just a single industry: The Colorado dental world.

Are you an experienced EDDA who is looking for a great dental EDDA job?

Then please call us today at 303-989-8011 for more information. We look forward to serving you.




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 JOB PREFERENCE: What works best for you? A full 40-hour week or partial week?

• PROPRIETARY WORK OFFERS: Most of our dental EDDA listings can’t be found on other sites.

• WORK CONVENIENT HOURS: Work the hours that work for you. PT/FT – Perm or Temp.

• NO PAYDAY STRESS: AOC takes the worry out of getting paid, because we pay every temporary employee directly.

• YOUR SEARCHES ARE HELD IN CONFIDENCE: If you are currently working but seeking a better opportunity, AOC understands this. Your inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

• THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE TO YOU: EDDA job seekers do not pay us; the dental offices take care of the financial obligation to AOC.

• SAFETY: Every single temporary EDDA is protected with workers’ comp/unemployment coverage.

• AUTHORITY AND CREDIBILITY:  We have been helping EDDAs for three decades. No other Denver dental staffing company can claim this.



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