Dental Hygienist Placements Around Denver, CO

Top Paying Dental Hygienist Jobs – Available Now At AOC!

Are you interested in securing a rewarding Dental Hygiene career?  Exhausted from being under-paid and not appreciated?  Assistance On Call, Inc. (AOC) can be a valuable partner when looking for a dental staffing company that is looking out for you!  AOC specializes in pairing well-qualified Dental Hygienists with exceptional dental practices.  AOC is Colorado’s leading dental staffing firm that focuses on one, and only one, industry – dentistry.

A qualified Dental Hygienist is a key component in the support structure of a successful dental practice, and AOC’s doctors understand this!  They view our Dental Hygienists as an asset to their practice!

If you are an experienced Dental Hygienist with a positive attitude and a desire to meet new people and support outstanding  doctors, AOC is interested in speaking with you!  Please contact us by calling (303) 989-8011 for more information.

Client that found a dental hygienist placement in Denver, CO



• SPECIALIZED JOB PLACEMENT: Our Dental Hygiene positions are posted ONLY on our AOC website.

• EMPLOYMENT CHOICES: Temporary, and often temp-to-perm, positions are available.

• TEMPORARY POSITIONS ALLOW FOR FLEXIBILITY: The flexibility provided by temping allows you to structure your work schedule according to your lifestyle!

• TAXES AND INSURANCE: AOC withholds all necessary taxes, matches your FICA and Medicaid and, as an AOC employee, you are covered by our Worker’s Compensation policy. 

• EMPLOYEE PAY POLICY:  As an AOC employee, you are paid directly by AOC.  There is no need for you to be in the uncomfortable position of asking the dentist to pay you at the end of every day. 

• CONFIDENTIALITY: If you are looking for a position and are currently employed, be assured all of your information is kept confidential with AOC.  

• NO PLACEMENT FEES: AOC never charges you a fee for us to search for your best dental employment opportunity. 

• AOC’s LONGEVITY: AOC is Colorado’s premier dental staffing firm.  Our exceptional reputation throughout the past 34 years has assured our long-standing position in Colorado’s dental community.


 To see a list of permanent positions: CLICK HERE