Dental Hygienist Placements Around Denver, CO

Top Paying Dental Hygienist Jobs – Available Now At AOC!

Need a great dental hygienist job? Tired of being under-paid and under-appreciated? Assistance On Call, Inc. (or AOC for short) can be a valuable partner when looking for a rewarding dental hygienist position. AOC specializes in pairing great dental hygienist candidates with great dental practices. AOC is a staffing company that concentrates on one thing, and one thing only – the dental industry.

Finding a dental hygienist job is never easy. A qualified dental hygienist is one of the key figures in maintaining a successful dental practice. Our dentists understand this, so they view dental hygienists as a asset, not just a run-of-the-mill employee.

If you’re a dental hygienist who has experience, a great attitude, and a desire for a great opportunity, then AOC wants to talk to you! Call us today at (303) 989-8011 for more information.

Client that found a dental hygienist placement in Denver, CO



• ONE-OF-A-KIND JOBS: Most of the time, our dental hygienist jobs are not published anywhere else.

 EMPLOYMENT CHOICES: Part time or full time, temporary or permanent positions available.

• TEMPS HAVE SCHEDULING OPTIONS: AOC lets you make a work program to fit your lifestyle.

• INSURANCE: Unemployment insurance and workers’ comp are always included for AOC’s temporary employees.

• HASSLE-FREE PAYDAY: AOC pays every temp directly. You never have to ask a dentist for a check.

• ALL INQUIRIES ARE PRIVATE: Looking for a position and currently employed? Your requests are always kept private.

• NO JOB SEARCH FEE: You never pay us to find you a job.

• WORK WITH AN ESTABLISHED COMPANY: AOC has been in business for 30 years – no one has been here longer.



 To see a list of permanent positions: CLICK HERE