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Are you a great candidate for dental employment? The dental industry needs good people like you. AOC can be your go-to partner when it comes to helping you get a great temporary or permanent position in the Colorado dental industry.

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AOC is very selective about the dental offices that we represent. Be confident that the dentists we work with are some the best in Colorado. You can be certain that dental practices that choose to utilize our services are progressive-minded offices that appreciate their staff. Our positions offer versatility and the opportunity to have fun, meet new people, and learn new techniques. Your needs will be treated with the utmost respect. Only the exact opportunities that meet your requirements will be presented for your consideration. Are you currently employed? Not to worry, currently employed job candidates appreciate the discretion that only we can provide. Need more information immediately? Call us now at (303) 989-8011, or ready to upload a resume to us? CLICK HERE





• EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS: You won’t find many of our listings anywhere else.

YOUR CHOICE: Full time and part time Colorado dental jobs are available (permanent and temporary).

• FLEXIBILITY FOR TEMPS: AOC lets you create a schedule to fit your life.

• PROTECTION: All of AOC’s temporary employees are covered with workmans’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

• TROUBLE-FREE INCOME: When temping, your checks come directly from AOC.

• CONFIDENTIALITY: We keep your searches and information private.

• NO PLACEMENT FEE: There is never a fee to you for finding a great dental employment opportunity.

• LONGEVITY, STABILITY & REPUTATION:  Colorado’s original dental staffing agency – 30 years says it all…



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