Dental Staffing

Dental Permanent Placement Services

We partner with you to understand the job description, unique office culture, and critical skills you require for the position you are seeking to fill on a long-term basis. Permanent dental staffing is one of the things we do best.

It’s our commitment to understanding your needs that allows us to deliver only the most qualified candidates to your door. Our permanent placement division is second to none – boasting a success rate of over 95% when it comes to placing staff

…that stays!


Our service is confidential. In the event you need to make an uncomfortable staffing change, we can assist you through the entire process. From the initial interview, through wage negotiations, to picking the right candidate, you have a partner in AOC.

Qualified candidate found by our dental office recruiters in Denver, CO


Key Points To Consider:


•  We Save You Time

•  We Save You Money

• Only The Best Possible Candidates

•  Confidentiality





How Do We Save You Time? –  AOC saves you time by doing all the recruiting, resume screening and preliminary interviews for you in advance – freeing you and your staff to focus on your patients. No more wasting valuable time creating and screening ‘help wanted’ Craigslist ads. No more deciding on marketing ‘schemes’ to attract the right people. No more wasting time – period.

How Do We Save You Money? –  What’s the old adage? Time Is Money! AOC covers all of the recruitment and screening costs normally associated with attracting a qualified staff member. This frees you and your staff up to focus on your patients. More time to do what your dental practice should be doing…treating patients!

How Do We Provide The Best Possible Candidates? –  Before an applicant is selected, he or she completes a detailed application, a rigorous skill assessment test, and must pass an in-depth personal interview with an AOC placement specialist. This process allows AOC to present only the highest quality candidates for your consideration.

How Does A.O.C. Preserve Confidentiality? –  AOC NEVER discusses key discretionary points with any of its potential candidates. Rest assured, your requests will be handled professionally and discretely.


Heidi Donckels  is the contact person at Assistance On Call for your office’s permanent placement needs. Heidi can be reached by dialing 303-989-8011.