Temporary Dental Staffing

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”  

– Steve Jobs 




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QUESTION:   When choosing to use a temporary dental staffing company to staff your office, what are you paying for? Think about it. If a temp agency is nothing more than a ‘clearing house’ for any person that submits a resume – then what is that ‘agency’ REALLY doing?

ANSWER:   Not much…




We PRIDE ourselves in the ‘above and beyond’ way of doing things. For the Colorado Dental Staffing industry, we are the ‘YARDSTICK’ of quality.

Each candidate we present to you undergoes a comprehensive screening process, a personal interview (with us), and is credentialed to the highest of industry standards. We cross-check references and ensure that all candidates are in compliance with dental industry regulations.

Background Checks? Of course. Detailed investigations, including thorough criminal background checks, are conducted to help ensure your peace of mind.

ASSISTANCE ON CALL’s temporary dental staff have learned to adapt quickly, due to their experiences in multiple ‘real office’ situations. We combine more than 30 years of personal FACE-TO-FACE recruiting expertise with state-of-the-art personalized software designed by the owner. This software is the most comprehensive, innovative, and efficient scheduling and managing program out there – and we are the only ones who have it.

Using the combination of personal face to face interaction along with the aforementioned software, we are able to present only pre-screened, upper echelon, and uniquely qualified candidates to work in your dental practice.





1. – Performance evaluations are conducted after each assignment is completed. This is done to help ensure you have received the service you expected. We are available at a moment’s notice (that’s 24/7 and 365!) to meet all your emergency and/or temporary dental staffing needs. Our proven 30-year approach, helps overcome temporary office setbacks caused by:


• Vacations

• Staff turnover

• Busy seasons

• Maternity leave(s)

• Unexpected loss of employee

• Extended leave(s) of absence

• Medical leave(s) of absence

2. – Even before you call us, we are working for you. Be assured that all the work has been done on your behalf in regard to your temporary dental staff employee, including:


• Interviewing

• Checking references

• Verifying licenses and certifications


3. – Paying your employee couldn’t be easier too. No need to pay your temporary dental employee(s) on the day of service. You are billed, by us, on a bi-monthly schedule. This fee is a complete fee. There are NEVER any hidden charges or ‘extras.’ No messy paperwork! ASSISTANCE ON CALL, Inc. handles all required taxes, unemployment insurance, and benefits. Workers’ compensation is also covered. All hygienists are covered with malpractice insurance.


There is simply no better way to get qualified temporary dental staffing, than by letting AOC do the hiring AND paperwork for you.